Zodiac Abundance Prosperity & Wealth Healing Crystal Necklace Jewelry All Natural Genuine Healing Crystals

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~ Abundance ~ Prosperity ~ Wealth ~
This beautiful bracelet was handcrafted with love and intention made with genuine natural crystals specifically chosen to attract abundance into your life.
The charm on this pendant can be customized to any zodiac sign, just choose your sign in the variants :) This necklace is made with a hemp cord, slip knot style for flexible length.
Crystals on this Necklace:
Pyrite - is a prosperity crystal known for helping to remedy financial hardship, and make wise financial decisions. Attracts wealth & luck.
Citrine - attracts abundance, and the manifestation of dreams. This ‘money’ stone helps to reverse negative beliefs around money.
Tiger’s Eye - brings good luck, prosperity and optimism to its wearer.
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