Turquoise and gold healing Crystal Geode Painting, Geode Art, Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Painting, Abstract Wall Art

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Purchase this listing for a one of a kind painting in this color scheme.

My Geode Art includes Genuine Clear Quartz Chips & Clear Quartz Points in the design.

This 8 by 8 inch painting is a one of a kind Original using Turquoise, Gold and white Painting using only Fine Art supplies and paint.

Every piece comes with a description card explaining my process and the healing properties of the crystals in your unique, one of a kind piece.

Clear Quartz, the master stone, once thought to be solidified light, is used by many to remove negativity and promote harmony and co-operation within an environment. It is also used in cleansing and energizing other crystals and minerals. Excellent for meditation and accessing higher self and guides.
If you’re looking for unique Wall Decor, Abstract Wall Art is perfect in any space or as a Gift For Him, or Gift For Her.

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