Smudge Kit, Abalone Shell, Sage Bundle, Feather for Smudging Ceremony, House Cleansing

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In this smudge kit is a medium Sage Bundle, an 8-10 inch Abalone shell, a leather wrapped Turkey Feather and a wooden stand for your shell. In this kit is everything you need for your own smudge ceremony/house cleansing.

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This top quality white sage is salvia apiana, also known as buffalo sage. Salvia is from the latin word salvareÓ which means to heal. This natural, freshly picked white sage has long been used in smudging ceremonies.

Top quality white sage is used for clearing, smudging, and cleansing. Place a few dried sage pieces in the bottom of an abalone shell or other heat resistant dish, it's also wise to add a little sand for insulation. Ignite the leaves, blow out flame and the sage will release a cloud of white, purifying smoke. The smell of white sage brings a sense of peace and clarity, while clearing negativity from the room.
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