Selenite Crystal Pendant, Raw Crystal Pendant Necklace, Mothers Day Gift, Boho Jewelry, Healing Crystal Jewelry

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Your purchase includes 1 Selenite pendant with your choice of chain.

This unique Selenite Pendant is an awesome Valentines Day gift for her or gift for him. Gemstone Pendants are worn by men and women alike and even great for kids.

With my Boho Jewelry Selenite Necklace, you can choose what kind of chain you'd like. Silver alloy, sterling silver plated, or Faux leather in 2 lengths, one of which can be double wrapped for a choker look.

Faux Leather is a great option for a more natural look or for men. My Raw Selenite Crystal Pendants are not al exactly alike but look like one of the 3 in the photos. White Selenite is a product of Mother Earth and no 2 pieces will be exactly the same.

Selenite is named after the Greek word for moon, contrary to popular belief, it contains no significant selenium. Selenite is a form of fibrous and crystallized gypsum, of which there are three other varieties; satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower. These four varieties are sometimes grouped together under the name selenite.

As a healing stone, this mineral is commonly used to charge or cleanse crystals.. It is said to help regenerate the cellular structure and has been used to correct skeletal disorders and to promote flexibility. Selenite also provides clarity of mind, expanding awareness.
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