Peridot Chip Bracelet August Birthstone Jewelry Natural Peridot Gemstone Healing Long Crystal Chip Bracelet

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Peridot Bracelet / August Birthstone Jewelry / Genuine Semi Precious/ Gemstone Healing Crystal Chip Bracelet

This beautiful, earthy bracelet was handcrafted with love and intention.

This versatile must have jewellery item is made from natural semi-precious stone gem chips. Versatile chip Bracelets are a must have jewellery item.

Every bracelet comes on a hang tag which lists the stone type and a unique healing property. This is a perfect gift for friends with August Birthdays.

The color range for precious peridot includes green and yellow-green.

Healing Properties Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. It is an excellent healing stone, acting as a "tonic" to both strengthen and regenerate the body. It is also used to strengthen eyesight in conditions of astigmatism and nearsighted-ness.

**Crystal healing guidance is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have health issues, you should consult your doctor. Crystal healing is a great addition to your health and well being, but not to be used in place of your doctors advice.

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