Opal Aura Quartz Bracelet, Angel Aura Quartz, Crystal Jewelry Spirit Quartz, Gemstone Jewelry, Crystal Gift, Healing Crystal, Spiritual Gift

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This Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet makes a great Spiritual gift or Mindfulness Gift for her.

Opal Aura Quartz is super unique and rare.

Spirit Quartz, Crystal Gift, Healing Crystal Gift.

Aura Quartz has been treated with natural minerals to create these beautiful healing hues!

💎Angel Aura Quartz or Opal Aura Quartz has a whitish rainbow hue and has been enhanced with platinum. It helps to protect & balance the aura and brings health on all levels. It’s useful in meditation and helps one move towards ‘right action.’ It lifts the spirit and helps bring peacefulness and tranquility. 🌗
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