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This trendy, down to earth Gemstone stretch bracelet set includes 5 complimentary gemstone bracelets. 1 each of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Blue Jade, Pink Jade and Green Angelite. This set makes a perfect Mothers Day Gift!

*Jade brings good luck, prosperity and optimism to its wearer. Increases awareness, insight and the ability to see intuitive prompts. Helps to connect to ones soul impulses, living a more spiritual life, and to see the bigger picture in life experiences.
*AMETHYST is a stone of inner wisdom offering protection from fear. Relieves stress, strain, irritability, anxiety and mood swings. Enhances memory and improves motivation. Calms the mind promoting inner wisdom and self awareness.
*ROSE QUARTZ, also known as the love stone. This beautiful gemstone supports and attracts unconditional love for self and others. Raises self esteem, lowering stress and bringing peace. Use to enhance positive self affirmations. Increases creativity and imagination.
*Angelite brings a connection to the higher realms, facilitating angelic communication. It’s a very soothing, peaceful and uplifting stone, quite helpful during times of transition.

*Shiny faceted 6mm beads
*5 bracelets-Aqua Jade, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Pink Jade and Green Angelite
*Ships out quickly in 1-3 days
*Free North American Shipping
*Size of your choosing 7-7.25 is average Womens size.

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This Aqua Jade stretch bracelet is the perfect gift for your special someone.
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