Chrysocolla Aromatherapy Healing Crystal Bracelet Beaded Genuine Chrysocolla Healing Crystals Reiki Meditation Yoga Clarity Manifesting

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This beautiful, earthy bracelet was handcrafted with love and intention.

Simply place a few drops of your favorite oil blend on the lava beads and enjoy your scent all day long.

This healing stone bracelet is made of genuine natural Chrysocolla.

As a healing stone it is gentle, soothing and alleviates tension. Excellent for the heart centre to allow flexibility, self-forgiveness, peace and patience. Also for the throat centre, to express feelings and verbal/artistic creativity. Helpful for female disorders.

The colours of chrysocolla are blue, green and turquoise, it often has inclusions that consist of browns and yellows. The colours in this stone are reminiscent of looking down at the earth from space.

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All of our bracelets measure approximately 7.25 inches circumference and are made with strong stretchy cord to fit the majority of women's wrists. If you would prefer to give me your exact wrist circumference, please include that measurements in the notes and i would be happy to make it your exact length.
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