Cherry Blossom Jasper / 6mm Beaded Bracelet / Pink Jasper Genuine Healing Crystal Jewelry / Calming Crystals / Gift for her

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Cherry Blossom Jasper Beaded Bracelet with Lotus charm / Genuine Healing Crystal Jewelry / Semi Precious Gemstones /
Spiritual Gift/ Pink Jasper /Valentines Gift Idea

This bracelet makes a great gift for yoga lovers, bridesmaids or anyone looking for calming crystals

Cherry Blossom Jasper is a nurturing stone. Supports feelings of tranquility and wholeness in stressful times.
It’s a great stone to help one get organized. Repels negativity and helps realign the chakras.

Jasper is a strong healing and protection stone. It’s a great stone to help
one get organized. This stone aids in relaxation and can be used to create tranquility.

My bracelets are made at a standard length of 7 & 1/4 inches using strong stretchy cord to fit comfortably. If you have smaller or larger wrists please let me know the length you would like ;)
Are you looking for something special or personalized? I love doing custom and group orders. Please contact me with your ideas, interests or questions.