Carnelian Beaded Bracelet, Healing Crystal Jewelry, 10mm Beads, Mothers Day Gift, Fathers Day Gift

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My Carnelian Beaded Bracelet is classy and earthy all at once. Looks great dressed up or with jeans and a tshirt.

These heavy 10mm beads look great on Men and would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for him

Carnelian is known as a powerful motivation stone and has been called the 'Self Esteem Stone.' It assists in focusing on the present, stimulates concentration, emotions, passion and physical energy.

Carnelian is the red variety of agate containing various iron compounds.

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**Crystal healing guidance is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have health issues, you should consult your doctor. Crystal healing is a great addition to your health and well being, but not to be used in place of your doctors advice.
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